​Every wonder how the rain garden behind the school got so beautiful? want to help make it even better?

​Calling all of our community who love to play in the dirt, know how to make plants, flowers and veggies thrive or build beautiful things

C'mon, you know you're amazing!

Here are some ways you can share your time, special talents, enthusiasm and experience and wisdom with our community:

2017 Auction Dessert Dash -- BAKERS WANTED

The Dessert Dash is a fun event at the Auction where each table gets to place bids on an assortment of fabulous and gorgeous desserts. The table with the largest combined bid gets first chance at dashing to the dessert table and picking the dessert of their choice! Each table will select a runner and will know when it is time to dash for a favorite dessert when the auctioneer calls the table number.

In order to offer the Dessert Dash during the night of the auction, we need lots of desserts from cookies to fancy pies!

BAKE or BUY!!! Please volunteer if you make a mean pie, or "to die for" cake! Alternatively, we would love your donations of your favorite purchased dessert too!

Dessert Donations may be dropped off:

Fri., March 3rd, before or after school in the staff lounge - clearly marked AUCTION
Sat., Marh 4th, from 9am-5pm – Madeleine Hall, 3123 NE 24th Ave./Fremont. Please drop off before 5:00pm to