Have a great idea for something that you think we should fund? Tell us about it! If it fits into our current budget, we'll talk about it at our next meeting and get back to you. If it doesn't we'll file it away as a great idea to consider adding to our budget next year. Click on the "Request For Funds"  button below to download the form which can be returned to info@bridgerpta.org or put in the PTA mailbox on the school office

We're an awesome community that raises a lot of money to help make our school better for our kids. Thanks for donating your time, money and talents to our school!

Now don't you want a say in how we spend the funds we raise?! Click below to download a form to make your suggestion. Return the completed form to auction@bridgerpta.org or put it in the PTA mailbox in the mail office

Whether you've made an approved purchase to help us with an event or are a staff member requesting funds that we've already allocated for your use, please click on the "Request for Reimbursement" button above to download a form that you can send to treasurer@bridgterpta.org or put in the PTA mailbox in the school office